Michal Cooper

Michal Cooper

Michal Eat Proteins Team

Michal Cooper serves as the Managing Director for Eat Proteins, where he leverages his expertise in sports science and physiology to provide well-rounded, evidence-based advice. Michal is also the author of the book “How To Stay Active: Unlocking the Secrets to Lifelong Movement.” With a rich academic background and a wealth of adventurous life experiences, Michal adds a dynamic and engaging perspective to the Eat Proteins team.


  • Precision Nutrition Master Level 2 Certification (PN2)
  • MSc in Exercise Physiology from the University of Central Lancashire
  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
  • Expert in physiology and biomechanics


Michal’s journey in the field of sports and exercise began with a foundational degree in Sports & Exercise Science. He later specialized in exercise physiology by earning an MSc from the UCLan. With this robust educational background, Michal has gained the technical knowledge he now applies daily in his role as an exercise physiologist. Beyond the realm of physiology, Michal is also passionate about nutrition, meal replacements, and weight loss, areas in which he continually seeks to expand his knowledge.


Michal holds a degree in Sports & Exercise Science and an MSc in Exercise Physiology from the University of Central Lancashire. His academic journey has provided him with a deep understanding of physiology and biomechanics, equipping him to offer practical, science-based advice. His continuous pursuit of knowledge is evident in his diverse areas of interest, from sports nutrition to weight loss.

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