Optavia Meat Conversion Chart and Calculator

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The Optavia meat conversion chart is a reference material used in the Optavia diet program that acts as a unit conversion guide and a metric conversion table for lean meat lists. It simplifies the conversion of meat serving sizes from ounces to grams and cups, making it easier for you to adhere to the diet to measure your ‘lean and green’ meals properly.

The Optavia meat conversion chart is particularly beneficial for cooking purposes, as it ensures that portions align with the program’s dietary guidelines.

The Optavia meat conversion calculator is a tool that I’ve designed specifically to simplify the conversion of meat weights and measurements. Essentially, it’s a user-friendly calculator for meat portions, enabling people to swiftly convert serving sizes from one unit of measurement like ounces to another like grams, or vice versa.

This helpful tool I’ve created is particularly beneficial when trying to accurately determine meat portions, aiding in maintaining uniformity in serving sizes in line with the Optavia dietary guidelines.

What Is Optavia Meat Conversion Chart?

The Optavia Meat Conversion Chart is a guide for those following the Optavia diet program to accurately measure and convert the amount of lean, leaner, and leanest meats in their meals. This is helpful in keeping your protein intake within the recommended range. Below is a conversion for Optavia meat list including leanest, leaner, and lean options.

Leanest Meat Conversion Chart Optavia

The table below shows the meat conversion chart for Optavia’s leanest meat options.

Here, you can have 7 oz per serving, as well as 2 servings of healthy fats.

BuffaloCooked1.5 cups2007
ElkCooked1.5 cups2007
DeerCooked1.5 cups2007
Ground turkeyCooked1.5 cups2007
ArmadilloCooked1.5 cups2007
BeaverCooked1.5 cups2007
MooseCooked1.5 cups2007
VenisonCooked1.5 cups2007
CrabCooked1.5 cups2007
Crab cannedCooked1.5 cups2007
ScallopsCooked1.5 cups2007
ShrimpCooked1.5 cups2007
LobsterCooked1.5 cups2007
CodCooked1.5 cups2007
FlounderCooked1.5 cups2007
HaddockCooked1.5 cups2007
Orange roughyCooked1.5 cups2007
GrouperCooked1.5 cups2007
TilapiaCooked1.5 cups2007
Mahi MahiCooked1.5 cups2007
TunaCooked1.5 cups2007
Wild catfishCooked1.5 cups2007

Leaner Meat Conversion Chart Optavia

The next table shows the meat conversion chart for leaner options.

Here, you can have 7 oz per serving, as well as 1 serving of healthy fats.

Turkey breastCooked1.25 cups1706
Turkey wingCooked1.25 cups1706
Turkey thighCooked1.25 cups1706
Turkey drumstickCooked1.25 cups1706
Chicken breast Cooked1.25 cups1706
Chicken thigh Cooked1.25 cups1706
Chicken drumsticksCooked1.25 cups1706
Chicken legCooked1.25 cups1706
Beef chuckCooked1.25 cups1706
Beef brisketCooked1.25 cups1706
Beef sirloinCooked1.25 cups1706
Beef tenderloinCooked1.25 cups1706
Beef round Cooked1.25 cups1706
Pork chopCooked1.25 cups1706
Pork tenderloinCooked1.25 cups1706
Pork loinCooked1.25 cups1706
RabbitCooked1.25 cups1706
SwordfishCooked1.25 cups1706
TroutCooked1.25 cups1706
HalibutCooked1.25 cups1706

Lean Meat Conversion Chart Optavia

The last table shows the meat conversion chart for lean options.

Here, you can indulge in 5 oz per serving, and you should not include any healthy fats.

SalmonCooked1 cup1355
Farmed catfishCooked1 cup1355
MackerelCooked1 cup1355
HerringCooked1 cup1355
Turkey back meatCooked1 cup1355
Chicken wingCooked1 cup1355
Duck breastCooked1 cup1355
Duck wingsCooked1 cup1355
Duck drumstickCooked1 cup1355
Beef ribCooked1 cup1355
Beef flankCooked1 cup1355
Pork shoulderCooked1 cup1355
Pork steakCooked1 cup1355
Pork ribsCooked1 cup1355
Pork spareribsCooked1 cup1355
Pork bellyCooked1 cup1355
Pork baconCooked1 cup1355
BearCooked1 cup1355
GroundhogCooked1 cup1355

How To Use Optavia Meat Conversion Chart?

To use the Optavia Meat Conversion Chart, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Select your preferred meat: Choose the type of meat you desire for your Lean & Green meal from the options provided in the lean meat list.
  2. Determine the recommended serving size: Locate the specific meat or seafood in the chart and identify the corresponding gram and ounce equivalent for one serving. Serving sizes typically range from 5 to 7 ounces, depending on the type of meat.
  3. Avoid combining different meats in one meal: For each Lean & Green meal, it is recommended to have one serving of meat or a meatless option. It is advisable to stick to a single type of meat per meal unless you are following a specific fish recipe. This simplifies calculations and measurement tasks.

By following these steps and referring to the Optavia Meat Conversion Chart, you can easily convert between different lean meats, ensuring accurate portioning and facilitating successful meal preparation. Cooking with confidence becomes effortless when using this valuable conversion tool.

What Is Optavia Meat Conversion Calculator?

The Optavia meat conversion calculator is a versatile tool that serves as a grams-to-ounce meat converter, a meat mass converter, and a conversion calculator for meat portions. It enables you to effortlessly convert between grams and ounces when measuring meat, facilitating accurate portioning and ensuring adherence to Optavia program guidelines.

The Optavia meat conversion calculator is shown below.

Optavia Meat Conversion Calculator

How To Use Optavia Meat Conversion Calculator?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the Optavia meat conversion calculator.

  1. Enter Your Value: You’ll see a box asking for a value. This is where you input the number you want to convert. It could be the number of cups, grams, or ounces you have on hand.
  2. Choose Your Current Unit: Next, you’ll see a drop-down menu. This is where you tell the calculator what unit your current value is in. If you’re starting with cups, choose ‘Cups’. If it’s grams or ounces, then go ahead and select ‘Grams’ or ‘Ounces’, respectively.
  3. Tell the Calculator Your Desired Unit: Now, let’s move on to the next drop-down menu. Here, you need to choose the unit you want to convert your value into. Want to turn those cups into grams or ounces? This is where you make that choice.
  4. Click Convert and Get Your Answer: Now comes the fun part! Hit that ‘Convert’ button and let the calculator work its magic. In no time at all, it’ll provide you with the converted value, right there on your screen.
  5. Don’t Forget to Write It Down: And voila! You’ve got your converted value. Make sure you jot it down somewhere, or better yet, get cooking straight away!

For me, meats were always a key component of a balanced diet, and when following the Lean & Green nutrition plan I needed to take care to weigh my meals correctly.

Optavia meat serving sizes are in ounces, but most butcher shops and food markets sell in grams.

I created these tables to take all the guesswork out of my weekly meal prep and make sure what ends up on my plate is just how I want it.

With these tables, you don’t have to worry about measurement conversion or trying to make sure you have the right ingredients on hand at home


The weight measurements listed on the charts above are derived from the USDA’s FoodData Central.

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