Best Optavia Milk Options for 5 and 1 plan

If you are thinking about starting the Optavia program, you might be wondering if milk is allowed.

With so many rules and restrictions to follow, it can be difficult to determine what is (and isn’t) allowed, especially when it comes to consuming milk with Optavia cereal.

To help you navigate these guidelines, let’s take a closer look at these rules and find out which types of milk are permitted, as well as any limits on portion size or quantity.

photo of optavia milk options allowed on 5 and 1 plan

First, let’s talk about milk and weight loss

So, you might be wondering whether drinking milk can help with weight loss on Optavia.

The short answer is that it can, but drinking the beverage alone will not be enough.

According to the article review published in the International Journal of Obesity, “if you drink more milk without reducing the amount of food you eat overall, you might not see a big change in your weight or body composition.”

To achieve optimal results, make sure to adhere to recommended serving size and combine it with other Optavia diet foods.

The article states:

“If you include dairy products as part of a diet where you’re eating fewer calories overall, you will see a significant change in your weight, body fat mass, lean mass, and waist circumference compared to people who are just reducing their calorie intake without including dairy.”

Milk contains several nutrients that can support weight loss efforts, including protein, calcium, and vitamin D.

When it comes to protein, both whey and casein protein can help with muscle growth and fat-burning, which is particularly beneficial during the 5 and 1 plan.

Can I have milk on Optavia?

Absolutely! You can have milk on Optavia, but it can only be used as a condiment. The serving size can vary depending on the type of milk you choose.

I learned that for low-calorie milk options like almond milk or low-fat milk, I was allowed to have a serving size of 1 cup.

On the other hand, higher-calorie milk options like coconut milk or full cream milk had a recommended serving size of 1-2 tablespoons.

Can you have milk with Optavia cereal?

If you’re wondering whether you can have milk with your Optavia cereal, the good news is that it’s allowed!

However, the amount of milk you can have will depend on the type of milk you choose.

From my experience, the best milk option for Optavia cereals is cashew milk and almond milk. This is because both of these milk types have the least amount of calories per serving compared to other types of milk.

According to Optavia guidelines, for cereals, you can have 1 cup of almond milk, but you need to subtract it from your daily condiments.

What kind of milk can you have on the Optavia diet?

On Optavia, you can have both cow’s milk and plant-based milk options, with the only condition being the calorie count.

Whole milk

Whole milk is a thick and creamy cow’s milk that undergoes pasteurization and homogenization, and its format is similar to that of raw milk.

While whole milk can be a part of a balanced diet, on Optavia, it can only be consumed as one condiment with a serving size of 1 tablespoon.

This is because one cup of whole milk contains 146 calories (1), which is a significant amount when following the Optavia diet plan.

2% milk

2% milk, also called reduced-fat milk, has less fat than whole milk. It also has a milder flavor.

You can have 2 tablespoons of it as one condiment on Optavia. It has 122 calories per cup (2).

Skimmed milk

Skimmed milk, also known as fat-free milk, is a type of cow’s milk that has no fat.

As before, you can have skimmed milk as a condiment. The recommended serving size is 1 cup, which contains 8 grams of protein and 83 calories (3).

Cashew milk

Cashew milk is probably one of the best choices for people looking for a low-calorie milk option on Optavia.

Like almond milk, cashew milk is also low in calories and carbs. It is thicker and creamier than cow’s milk and has a naturally sweet flavor.

On Optavia, you can have 1 cup of cashew milk, which typically contains around 20-30 calories per serving.

Almond milk

If you’re looking for Optavia milk options, almond milk is probably one second best choice.

Almond milk is allowed and counts as a condiment with a serving size of 1 cup.

Unlike cow’s milk, almond milk is much lower in calories, with only 30-50 calories per cup depending on the brand.

For me, the only downside of almond milk is that it doesn’t contain a lot of protein, with only 1 gram per cup, and it is generally more expensive than other types of milk products.

Coconut milk

With its creamy texture and delicious taste, coconut milk has risen in popularity in recent years.

With 76 calories per 1 cup, Optavia allows you to enjoy 1 tablespoon of this beverage as an occasional condiment.

Soy Milk

Soy milk is a popular plant-based alternative to dairy milk. Compared to almond milk, soy milk is typically sweeter and more viscous.

Additionally, soy milk is regarded as a “complete protein” milk because it contains the same amount of protein as whole cow’s milk.

With Optavia, two tablespoons count as one condiment as one cup contains 129 calories (4).

Oat milk

I have to say, I’m a fan of oat milk. While it’s thinner than regular milk, it has a pleasant, slightly sweet taste that I really enjoy.

Although oat milk is relatively low in calories (130 kcal) compared to regular milk, on the Optavia you can have one tablespoon as a condiment.


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