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  1. The Optavia blueberry waffle hack wasn’t as expected. Mine turned out too runny, and even though I sprayed my waffle iron with oil, it stuck so badly that it made a mess of my waffle iron. I had to add coconut flour to thicken it, and then it tasted fine. I think if you use only 2 Tbsp of water, it will work out better.

    1. Yikes! I’m sorry to hear that the Optavia blueberry waffle hack didn’t turn out as expected for you, Julie. Thanks for sharing your experience and for the helpful tip about using only 2 Tbsp of water for a better result.

  2. I did the blueberry waffle, and it was super runny, and when I put it in my waffle dash maker, it oozed all out onto my countertop. I think 5 tablespoons of water is way too much. If I do it again I’m gonna cut it back to two or 3 tablespoons.

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