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  1. Hi there!
    I have been doing the Optavia plan for 6 months now and the customer service and shipping times have been horrible! I would love to replicate this program on my own with healthier Optavia alternatives and access to purchase directly from stores. Are there any online forums or groups out there that you know of? Thanks for your suggestions!

  2. Learned so much from your experiences..thank you for the easy to understand format and presentation…I have struggled for years to come up with workable, affordable, solutions so great to have so many at one site!!!!

  3. Great Optavia Fueling substitute list. Just left Costco and got a 12 pack of Chomps for $17, $1.41/serving. And a 10.8 oz bag of Whisps parmesan crisps, 11 servings, on sale for $6.79, 62 cents/serving. And a 23-pack of pure protein bars for $24, which I’ll be splitting in half, 53 cents/serving. What a way to save on fueling options!

  4. I cannot afford the OPTAVIA, but I am wanting to get back healthy and happy. The evening lean and green I can handle and determine what needs to be in the serving. However, I am struggling with the Optavia fuelings substitutes during my day.

  5. I was so excited to see your list. I discussed with my coach and was advised against alternatives listed. I am a bit conflicted. Not wanting to be out of fat burn, continuing to progress in weight loss while also wanting alternatives for both my wallet and tastebuds. I thought having half an Atkins bar and/or Chomps in place of a couple of Optavia fuelings a day would be great…..HELP!

    Assuming Coach can’t suggest off brand items even if they do work?

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