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  1. I had bariatric surgery twenty years ago… I failed after eight years, regained most of the weight. I am not fully mobile, after a stroke, three years ago. Even if my exercise is limited, could this plan help me?

    1. Hello Joyce!! Most of the research shows that creating (even a small) calorie deficit has potential benefits. That means any diet that is designed to reduce calorie intake can work. On the contrary, I believe that it is important for you to work with a healthcare professional to develop a safe and appropriate exercise and diet plan that takes into account your physical abilities. Hope that helps

      1. What are in the fat activators to make them burn fat? I did optavia and I lost 18 pounds in 8 weeks. When I tried this program, after 1 week I started having multiple heart palpitations and my doctormade me discontinue the program. Just wondering what the difference is.

      1. If you stick to the plan, I can imagine you start to lose weight within the first couple of weeks, although this is due to initial water weight loss

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