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    1. Hey, Mary. Skinny Box says you cannot eat fruit during the weight loss phase. But once you reach your goal and are in the maintenance phase, you can add fruit to your daily routine. I hope that helps

      1. I was also advised by my Optavia coach fruit wasn’t allowed in the weight loss phase either. My coach really didn’t do much coaching. I just switched from Optavia to Skinny Box because of the cost savings. Truthfully, the packets taste so much better, I also haven’t had any issues with stomach “upset” like I did on Optavia. The program is basically the same, and overall I’m very pleased with it!

  1. Skinny Box is basically the Optavia 5 & 1 plan with Diet Direct (WonderSlim) products in Skinny Box packaging. Just stole the 2 things and called it their own.

    1. Cindy, I love that we have freedom of speech in America and anyone can say anything even if its not true. As the CEO and Founder and Designer of the Skinny Box program your comment is very misleading. First you could never know how we created this plan because you are a stranger to me and you would not have access to that info.
      Second, I have paid heavily to own the rights to our custom formulas that we sell. Stealing is an accusation that is an out right deception (Lie). I dont even know how these other brands get associated with us.
      Third, While It does seem that Optavia has similarities, you cannot come to Skinny Box and do the Optavia Program the same way because it will not work. We are different.
      Please make sure you are being honest and truthful. I cant even imagine what benefit you would have in trying to damage our credibility.

  2. I am doing Optavia and it is very expensive. I am looking to find something else. I would like to know if there are any artificial sugars in any of your products. That is the one thing I have found in Optavia, no sucolose, only natural sugars. Thank you, I will do more research.

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