Optavia Before and After 3 Weeks

Are you curious about the weight loss results you can achieve on Optavia in just 3 weeks?

In this article, we will take a closer look at my before and after results of the Optavia program in just three weeks.

I will also dive (really deep) into the key factors that contributed to its success such as meal replacement alternatives, fueling, metabolism, and energy.

my photo of weight loss results after doing Optavia for 3 weeks

What is the average weight loss in 3 weeks on Optavia?

If you’ve been following my weight loss journey with Optavia since week one, you know this wasn’t my first time going through the weight loss process.

I’ve tried multiple diets in the past, so I had a good understanding of what to expect.

In the end, losing 16 pounds in three weeks on Optavia (and a couple of inches from my waist) was a significant accomplishment.

It’s important to note that the rate and amount of weight loss on Optavia in 21 days can vary greatly for individuals based on factors such as:

  • starting weight
  • adherence to the program
  • overall lifestyle habits

Now, before I show you how much weight can you expect to lose on Optavia, assuming that you will stick to the program for 3 weeks, have a look at the research results below.

A study published in the Nutrients Journal found that after 3 weeks of following a 567 kcal per day hospital-controlled diet, 26 obese patients experienced an average weight loss of 9 kg, with a range of 3.8 kg to 14.4 kg.

This is three times more than the recommended healthy rate of weight loss, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

CDC states that you should lose between 1-2 pounds per week.

With this in mind, aiming for a weight loss of 3 to 12 pounds in 3 weeks on the Optavia program is I think a reasonable (and achievable) goal.

Is losing more weight in 3 weeks realistic?

It depends.

On the one side, it is realistic to lose a significant amount of weight in 3 weeks on Optavia, partly due to water loss.

When you cut calories and carbs to lose weight, your body starts using glycogen for energy.

Glycogen is stored in the liver and muscles.

It is usually stored with water, so when you use it, you will lose some water too.

This can account for a significant portion of weight loss in the initial weeks.

However, don’t forget that the initial rate of weight loss will likely slow down as the body adapts to the changes in diet.

Plus, according to the British Journal of Nutrition, “gradual weight loss tends to protect a person’s resting metabolic rate (RMR) better than rapid weight loss.”

My Optavia weight loss in 3 weeks

Here’s the photo of my Optavia before and after three weeks apart.

photo of my weight loss results after doing optavia for 3 weeks

There’s a difference of 16 pounds, a few inches, and a couple of clothing sizes between these photos.

In the photo on the left, I weigh 196 pounds. In the picture on the right, I weigh 180 pounds.

Although there is a slight difference in the light between these two photos, the muscle definition is significantly more apparent in the picture on the right.

And while I wear different underwear, you can also see my love handles are almost completely gone.

Here are the before and after pictures from the back.

my before and after photos from doing optavia for 3 weeks - back shot

(Yes, the left picture has a hilarious tan line.)

In the photo on the right you can see that my muffin top is smaller, my scapular is more visible, and my neck seems to be “longer”.

One of the reasons why I think my back muscles started to pop is because I’ve changed my workout plan.

Right now, I’m doing a lot of pull-ups and adding swimming to my weekly exercise schedule.

Here is the before and after photo of my back.

my before and after picture on optavia diet, picture from the back 6 months apart

The photo on the left is the picture from day 1 when I started doing Optavia.

The photo on the right is my recent photo.

As you can see, not only do I have less body fat but I also added more muscle mass.

Today, I weigh close to 184 pounds.

My third week on Optavia

The list below shows you key components of the Optavia program that contributed to my weight loss in 3 weeks.

This list is the continuation of the initial checklist I’ve written about in my average first week weight loss on the Optavia article.

It describes a quite strict dietary and lifestyle routine to ensure my results come as fast as possible.

  • I was very strict with my carbohydrate intake. I only eat carbs after my workouts from selected Fuelings.
  • For three weeks I didn’t touch any alcohol. Although today I like to have an occasional gin and tonic, I think alcohol does make me gain weight.
  • I’ve added more vegetables to my lean and green meals. Adding more high-fiber veggies helped not only get rid of my stomach issues but also kept me fuller for longer.
  • I wasn’t eating out. Zero restaurants, even those listed in our Optavia dining out guide. No take-outs. I did all my Lean and Green meals for three weeks at home. Although we like to use some homemade fueling alternatives, they all have the same calories and macros as Fuelings.
  • I started to sleep more. I always try to make it a goal to get into bed before 10 pm. Not only does this help me feel rested and energized, but getting enough sleep can also help regulate hormones that control my hunger.
  • I stopped eating and Fuelings at night. After I went to bed earlier, I wasn’t tempted to snack on Fuelings late at night. For me, eating late at night was a big sleep disruptor, and (I think) it was preventing weight loss.
  • I’ve continued to do resistance training 3 days per week. Rest of the days I was walking, swimming, and doing yoga. Lifting weights not only keeps the muscles on but also helps to control my appetite (and sanity).
  • I was eating until I was no longer hungry. I wasn’t eating until my plate was clean. I was eating only until my body felt like I wasn’t hungry anymore. (It worked.)

Although this checklist allowed my to lose weight quickly with Optavia, keep in mind that after my initial 4 weeks I was living my normal life.

No more counting calories or weighing my portion sizes.

This checklist is not a long-term recommendation.

How much weight can you lose on Optavia in 3 weeks?

You can expect to lose anywhere from 3 to 12 pounds within the first 3 weeks on the Optavia plan.

The 5 and 1 plan allows you to eat 800 to 1,000 calories per day, which is less compared to other weight loss programs.

Even though you may experience a significant weight loss in the first 21 days, keep in mind that this may not be an accurate representation of the average weight loss over the long term.

I think it’s better to focus on sustainable weight loss practices that can be maintained over time, rather than quick fixes that may not be sustainable.

Is Optavia safe for quick weight loss in 3 weeks?

When it comes to safety, the Optavia plan is unique in that it relies heavily on meal replacement products instead of traditional whole food-based calorie restriction.

The Obesity Science & Practice Journal states that “Optavia 5 and 1 plan was not only more effective for weight loss compared to a control diet, but also safe, and well-tolerated.”

This study concluded that consuming meal replacement products like Optavia Fuelings can be effective and safe.

If I had to do it over again, I would undoubtedly choose the Optavia 5 & 1 plan.

Although the initial results have been satisfying, for long-term weight maintenance and sustainability, a slower approach is necessary.

Optavia for short-term vs long-term weight loss

I believe that favoring gradual weight loss on Optavia over rapid weight loss is the best decision I’ve made for a number of reasons:

  • It’s a more sustainable approach (with fewer health risks).
  • It gives me more time to solidify my healthy habits such as regular exercise and mindful eating.
  • It provides a sense of deeper accomplishment and empowerment that encourages me to keep going, while also teaching me about myself.

So while I am pleased with the initial weight loss results I achieved, I plan to return to a more traditional, slower approach.

It’s always wise to speak with your healthcare provider before embarking on a weight loss journey.

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