List of Worst Optavia Fuelings you need to know about

Are you on the Optavia program and struggling to find fuelings that meet both your nutritional needs and taste preferences?

While Optavia offers a variety of meal replacements, not all Fuelings are created equal.

Some may be less satisfying, lack flavor, or have an unpleasant texture, making it difficult to stick to the program.

In this article, we’ll explore the worst Optavia Fuelings to avoid, according to customer reviews.

By steering clear of these options, you can make informed choices that keep you on track toward your health goals, while still enjoying delicious and satisfying meals.

photo of worst optavia fuelings

What are the worst tasting Optavia fuelings?

While some Optavia fuelings are delicious and satisfying, others can leave you feeling disappointed and hungry.

In my previous article, I highlighted more than a few of the best Optavia fuelings based on my own experience.

However, I’ve received several emails from readers asking about the worst Optavia fuelings, prompting me to investigate further.

After doing some research and reviewing customer feedback, I’ve put together a list of the Optavia fuelings that you should steer clear of if you want to avoid disappointment.

(For me, taste and satisfaction were major factors in determining which fuelings to avoid.)

Read on to find out which ones they are.

NOTE: I’m not talking about the Fuelings that may have gone bad due to the expiration date. I’m talking about Fuelings that simply don’t taste good. If you suspect that the Optavia fueling you received may have gone bad or been mishandled in some way, it’s best to contact Optavia support for assistance.

1. Optavia Oatmeals

The Optavia program offers us a choice of two types of oatmeal:

  • Maple and brown sugar
  • Apple and cinnamon spice

According to the Optavia website, oatmeal Fuelings are deliciously sweet and have a fresh-from-the-orchard flavor.

Here’s the photo.

In order to prepare Optavia oatmeal, the instructions advise adding 1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.) of cold water to a deep, microwave-safe bowl, stirring in the contents of 1 sachet, and microwaving for 1 minute 30 seconds.

Then, the oatmeal is to be left to stand for 2 minutes.

Despite following these directions, I found that the resulting oatmeal lacked texture and desirable consistency.

I even attempted to let it sit for several additional minutes to see if it would improve, but unfortunately, there was no noticeable difference.

In addition to the problems with its texture, oatmeal can also have an unpleasant flavor.

It has been described by some people as having a taste that is reminiscent of glue, which can make it unappealing to eat.

How to make Optavia oatmeal taste better?

There are many ways to customize Optavia oatmeal to make it more flavorful and enjoyable. Here are a few ideas:

  • Mix oatmeal with cinnamon, nutmeg, or ginger.
  • Use any of the Optavia approved milk options, such as almond or cashew milk instead of water, or even creamer for a richer flavor.
  • Sweeten it up with any of the Optavia-friendly sweeteners like sugar-free syrup or honey.
  • Turn your fueling for hacks like waffles, overnight oats, or mix with another fueling.
  • Add some fresh or frozen fruit like berries, diced apples, or sliced bananas, especially if you follow Optavia 3 and 3 plan.

2. Optavia Wild Strawberry Shake Mix

I will be honest – Some people do not think that the Optavia strawberry shake is the best option.

And there might be some (good) reasons why.

Here’s the photo.

On the one hand, Optavia states that the “strawberry shake is smooth and creamy, bursting with the vibrant and juicy fruity flavor of strawberries.”

In reality, a vast majority of people complained that this shake tastes too sweet or had a lingering aftertaste that is “hard to enjoy.”

The steviol glycosides used in the Optavia strawberry shake are derived from the stevia plant and are responsible for the sweet taste of the shake.

According to the article published in the Foods Journal, “people who tasted steviol glycoside sweetener did not think it tasted significantly differently from the sucrose in terms of sweetness and bitterness.”

Not only that.

Many Redditors have reported that the fueling is too thick or slimy, making it unpleasant to consume.

This is likely due to the use of thickeners such as cellulose gum or carrageenan, which are commonly used in the food industry.

While these ingredients are considered safe, some people may not enjoy the texture or taste they provide, further contributing to the poor reviews of this particular Optavia fueling.

How to make the Optavia strawberry shake taste better?

The first thing that I found helpful, which I didn’t mention earlier, is that our taste preferences can change over the course of an Optavia program.

In my case, I initially disliked some of the fueling options like a strawberry shake or it also happened with chocolate pudding, but later found that I grew to like them.

This tip can be applied to various Fuelings and is not just limited to strawberry shakes.

And if we discuss this specifically strawberry shake here are some tips on how to improve the taste:

  • If fueling is too sweet, add unsweetened almond milk, mocha creamer, SF salted caramel syrup, or even coffee.
  • If you don’t want to use condiments like almond milk, try to add chai tea or ice.
  • Lastly, you can make a waffle or muffins out of the fueling. Just combine it with almond milk to make ice cream, or mix it with different Fuelings like vanilla or chocolate shakes.

3. Optavia Cheesy Buttermilk Cheddar Mac

Next on the list of the least favorite Optavia fuelings is cheesy buttermilk cheddar mac.

According to Optavia, this product does not contain colors, flavors, or sweeteners from artificial sources.

“It has creamy and sharp cheddar cheese that combines perfectly with the subtle taste of buttermilk,” states Optavia.

According to consumer reviews, “this Fueling has an unpleasant odor and a little bit of fake cheese smell” that repeatedly affect their desire to consume it”.

It’s possible that the odor is due to the combination of various ingredients and the way they are processed.

How to make Cheesy Buttermilk Cheddar Mac

Here are some hacks for those who want to give it a second chance:

  • Add some chili, hot sauce, or jalapeno as part of your green per day.
  • Add more low-fat cheddar and any of the Optavia approved cheese, although this will have to be deducted from your condiment list.

4. Optavia Chocolate Fudge Pudding Mix

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t thrilled with this Fueling and found many reviews that I am not alone.

Based on my experience, this Fueling taste is nothing like chocolate.

(Nesquik chocolate milk, which is full of artificial ingredients, tastes a whole lot better.)

And you know what’s funny?

I’m not alone.

Many people who started the Optavia program have a similar experience.

(That’s why you have so many pudding hacks.)

How to make Optavia Chocolate Fudge Pudding taste better?

Here are some simple hacks to elevate its flavor profile:

  • For a different consistency and crunchy note, crush cinnamon sticks and mix them with pudding.
  • Make pudding pops or small frozen candy.
  • Mix different Fuelings together, like chocolate chip or brownie, and make delicious cakes 

The bottom line

If you’re thinking of sticking with the Optavia diet for 6-12 months, you may find that some of the Optavia Fuelings have an unpleasant taste. In this case, it may be worth exploring alternative diets to Optavia.

5 thoughts on “List of Worst Optavia Fuelings you need to know about”

  1. Thank you so much!! I tried Optavia and lost about seven pounds a little over two weeks. Definitely disappointed in that. Although my “coaches” said it was good progress.
    I’ve been active all my life, was an avid runner for years. They told me not to workout? Wasn’t necessary?
    They said exercise will interfere with my progress?
    You’re absolutely right. Some of the Fuelings tasted awful. Long story short, they wanted me to place another order last night. I refused. Can’t afford it and did not like the constant calls and messages. I know I can do this on my own and me not exercising made me feel mentally out of sorts. Needless to say, I’m not purchasing again and going to try this on my own. I’m a very motivated person. When I read that you do exercise, reassured me that I can have success on my own! Thanks!😊

    • Hello,
      I’m on OPTAVIA for the second time. First time in December 2022 I had decent results. Stopped because it was too expensive. So I tried it again last month and only lost 8 lbs. Received my second package Monday and I am returning my package this weekend. I’m over this program and the fact I don’t hear from my coach. I’m not one to be negative nor post about anything but this time I had to comment on your post to say I’m with you about the motivation and know what to do about my diet. Best of luck to you!

  2. The Cinnamon and Honey Mustard sticks are horrible. The texture, once chewed, is very dry. It makes me think of eating saw dust. No sticks for me.

  3. I was on Optavia for about 8 months and lost about 55 pounds. My coach is a sweetheart! Sorry to say, not all coaches are created equal! There is a wide range of experience and motivation and style in coaching. I am sorry for those who do not get a good coach because I believe Optavia is a good program and good coaching can be very helpful. The money is the issue for me but I also have the desire to branch out and figure my life plan without Optavia. Having continued on my own, I have been fairly successful finding alternatives and now you give me lots of new ideas! However, I believe Optavia has other nutritional additives (vitamins and minerals perhaps) so, although I have found many substitutes, I have to admit I don’t have the same energy level I had when I was sticking to the Optavia plan. But, forward we go! Can’t stay on the plan forever, and Dr. Anderson’s goal is really teach you how to do this and graduate from the plan!


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